Candidate Tracker

For Candidates
This tool allows climate activists across Massachusetts to coordinate candidate outreach by providing real-time updates on who has signed the pledge, who has been asked to sign, and how many times.

1. Look up your state and U.S. districts HERE.
2. Search for your district on this page by using your computer’s find function (cmmd/contrl+f).
3. Use the tracker's contact info to call or email the following:
"Hi, my name is ____ and I live in [town/city] in [state or house district].
I’m reaching out to ask [candidate or lawmaker’s title & name] to sign the Clean Money for Climate Pledge to demonstrate he/she stands with the people of Massachusetts, not climate-disrupting special interests.
Is [candidate or lawmaker’s title & name] planning to sign?"
[Thank you and sign off]
4. Log your outreach by clicking “log contact” link in the candidate's row and filling out the pop-up form.

*Please email if you have any problems with this tool. We want to make sure it’s working well for everyone!

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