Clean Money for Climate Pledge

 "As a candidate for office in Massachusetts, I pledge not to take campaign contributions from climate polluters so that the public can be confident that my votes on energy policy are in the best interests of my constituents."

Specifically, I will refuse campaign contributions of $200 and over from executives, in-house lobbyists and others employed by the following ten companies: BP, Chevron, Eversource, Exxon Mobil, Global Partners, Global Petroleum, Kinder Morgan, National Grid, Shell and Spectra Energy. "

bfaweb2a.jpgBy signing 350 Mass Action's Clean Money for Climate Pledge, candidates running for state, federal and municipal office in Massachusetts commit not to accept campaign contributions from executives, in-house lobbyists and others employed by the top ten climate-disrupting corporations, effective from the time they make the pledge through the duration of their campaign. 

The pledge provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their independence from dirty energy interests, and for voters to prioritize their votes for those candidates who sign the pledge. 

To learn more about the candidate pledge, visit our frequently asked questions page

If you are a candidate for local, state, or federal office in Massachusetts and would like to sign the pledge, please e-mail Andrew Gordon at 



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