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Join us as a member with an annual gift of $10 or more or by signing up for a monthly donation of at least $5, and you can vote in the endorsement process! Members will also play an important role in making climate a key issue in elections across the state and advocating for sensible climate and energy policy. Together, we can ensure that our elected leaders serve Massachusetts residents, not the interests of the fossil fuel industry. 

Your membership will also have a direct impact on the scope of our work. Because donations to a politically active 501(c)(4) like 350 Mass Action, a program of Better Future Action, cannot come from private foundations, we rely almost exclusively on grassroots donors like you to fund our work. Whether you can afford $10 or $10,000, please pitch in. A strong, contributing membership base will enable us to match our work to the urgency of climate change, in the voting booth and beyond.

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