Current Signers in 2018

These are the current signers of the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge as of: 8/17/18

Candidates for Federal Office   

Councilor Ayanna Pressley (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-7. 

Rep. Juana Matias (D), candidate for US Congress, MA-3.

Patrick Littlefield (D), candidate for US Congress, MA 3. 

Jeff Balinger (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-3 

Bill Cimbrelo (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-9

Gary Rucinski (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-4

Brianna Wu (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-8

Sen. Barbara L'Italien (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-3

Bopha Malone (D), candidate for U.S. Congress, MA-3 

Alexandra Chandler (D), candidate for U.S. Congress MA-3

Statewide Office 

Jay Gonzalez (D), candidate for governor

Bob Massie (D), candidate for governor 

Councilor Josh Zakim (D), candidate for Secretary of State 

Nick Carter (D), candidate for Governor's Council 

State Senate 

Senator Will Brownsberger (2nd Suffolk and Middlesex- D)

Senator Julian Cyr ( Cape and Islands- D)

Samantha Hammer (candidate for 5th Middlesex- D)

Senator Pat Jehlen (2nd Middlesex- D)

Senator Jason Lewis (5th Middlesex- D)

Senator Jamie Eldridge (Worcester and Middlesex-D) 

Senator Cindy Friedman (4th Middlesex- D)

Senator Cynthia Creem (1st Middlesex & Norfolk- D) 

Katie McBrine (candidate for Plymouth and Norfolk district- D)

Thomas Merolli (candidate for 1st Worcester and Norfolk- D)

Becca Rausch (candidate for Norfolk, Bristol, Middlesex- D)

Deb Rudolph (candidate for Plymouth and Barnstable District- D)

Amaad Rivera (candidate for Hamden district- D)

State House of Representatives 

Kate Albright-Hanna (candidate for 1st Franklin district- D)

Rep. Ruth Balser (12th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Christine Barber (34th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Jen Benson (37th Middlesex- D)

Ben Bloomenthal (candidate for 14th Middlesex- D) 

Michelle Ciccolo (candidate for 15th Middlesex District- D)

Matthew Cohen (candidate for 15th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Mike Connolly (26th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Marjorie Decker, (25th Middlesex- D)

Nike Elugardo (candidate for 15th Suffolk- D)

Rep. Carole Fiola (6th Bristol- D)

Rep. Sean Garballey, (23rd Middlesex- D)

Rep. Carmine Gentile (13th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Solomon Goldstein-Rose ( 3rd Hampshire district- I)

Tami Gouveia ( candidate for 14th Middlesex- D)

Sabrina Heisey (candidate for 36th Middlesex- D)

Kevin Higgins (candidate for 7th Plymouth- D)

Rep. Jim Hawkins (2nd Bristol-D) 

Rep. Natalie Higgins (4th Worcester- D)

Rep. Kay Khan (11th Middlesex- D)

Anne Landry (candidate for 30th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Jack Lewis (7th Middlesex- D)

Josh Mason, (candidate for 1st Barnstable- D)

Marie McCourt (candidate for 2nd Hampshire- D)

Rep. Brian Murray (10th Worcester- D)

Tram Nguyen (candidate for 18th Essex district- D)

Rep. Alice Peisch (14th Norfolk- D)

Rep. Smitty Pignatelli (4th Berkshire- D)

Rep. Denise Provost (27th Middlesex- D)

Darryn Remillard (candidate for 30th Middlesex- D)

Rep. Alan Silvia (7th Bristol- D)

Rep. Paul Schmid (8th Bristol- D)

Ted Steinberg (candidate for 13th Norfolk- D) 

Mary Ann Stewart (candidate for 15th Middlesex- D)

Rebecca Stone (candidate for 15th Norfolk- D)

William Sweeney (Rep: 15th Middlesex-D)

Ture Turnbull (candidate for 11th Suffolk- D)

Gretchen Van Ness (candidate for 14th Suffolk- D)

Tommy Vitolo (candidate for 15th Norfolk- D)

Lori Lennon (candidate for 23rd Middlesex- D) 

Francia Wisnewski (candidate for 1st Franklin- D) 

Municipal Offices 

Boston City Council

Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor at Large (D)

Annissa Essaibi George, Boston City Councilor at large (D)

Michelle Wu, Boston City Councilor at Large (D)

Matt O’Malley, Boston City Councilor, District 6 (D)

Josh Zakim, Boston City Councilor, District 8 (D) 

Cambridge City Council

Marc McGovern (D)

Sumbul Siddiqui, Cambridge City Council (D)

E. Denise Simmons, Cambridge City Council at Large (D)

Quinton Zondervan (D)

Jan Devereux (D) 

Malden City Council

Stephen Winslow, at large

Newton City Council 

Emily Norton (D), Ward 2 

Somerville Board of Alderman

Katakana Ballantyne, ward 7

Jesse Clingan, ward 4

Lance Davis, Somerville Board of Alderman (Ward 6)

Ben Ewen-Campen, ward 3

Stephanie Hirsch, at large

Will Mbah, at large

Matthew McLaughlin, Ward 1

Mark Niedergang, ward 5

Mary Jo Rossetti, at large

JT Scott, ward 2

Bill White, at large

Total Signers: 89

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